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Any: 2015
Id. GREC: 020311   Any: 2015   Autors: Escolŕ, A.; Martínez-Casasnovas, J.A.; Rufat, J.; Arbonés, A.; Sanz, R.; Sebé, F.; Arnó, J.; Masip, J.; Pascual, M.; Gregorio, E.; Ribes-Dasi, M.; Villar, J.M. and Rosell-Polo, J.R.   Títol: A mobile terrestrial laser scanner for tree crops: point cloud generation, information extraction and validation in an intensive olive orchard   Referčncia: Precision Agriculture '15  
Id. GREC: 020312   Any: 2015   Autors: Andújar, D.; Escolŕ, A.; Rosell-Polo, J.R.; Ribeiro, A.; San Martín, C.; Fernández-Quintanilla, C.; Dorado, J.   Títol: Using depth cameras for biomass estimation - a multi-angle approach   Referčncia: Precision Agriculture '15  
Id. GREC: 020848   Any: 2015   Autors: Vega-Garcia C, Santiveri F, Iglesias-Rodriguez C, Serrano L, Alcazar J.   Títol: Struggling with learning outcomes in integrated practice courses in Spain. An essay on how to renew teaching-learning (and improve it by ongoing monitoring)   Referčncia: FROM TEACHING TO LEARNING -WHEN WILL WE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY IN FOREST SCIENCES EDUCATION? SILVA. Publications 11: Proc. SILVA Network Conference, Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University, Turkey, November 1st - November 3rd 2013  
Id. GREC: 019718   Any: 2015   Autors: Pomar, C., Pomar, J., Rivest, J., Cloutier, L., Letourneau-Montminy, M.P., Andretta, I. and Hauschild, L.   Títol: Estimating real-time individual amino acid requirements in growing-finishing pigs: towards a new definition of nutrient requirements?   Referčncia: Modelling in pig and poultry production. CABI International, Wallingford, UK  
Id. GREC: 020780   Any: 2015   Autors: de O. Griebeler CG, Tondi G, Iglesias Rodríguez C, Schnabel T.   Títol: Colour Responses of Thermally Modified Eucalyptus Globulus from Galicia to Artificial Weathering   Referčncia: Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Wood Modification