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Any: 2016
Id. GREC: 021473   Any: 2016   Autors: Catalán, H.; Méndez, V.; Escolŕ, A.; Rosell-Polo, J.R.   Títol: Sistemas lidar y su uso en la reconstrucción de estructuras arbóreas   Referčncia: Blog de Maquinaria Agrícola  
Id. GREC: 022941   Any: 2016   Autors: Castro JR   Títol: GREA -Informe Tčcnic. Análisi i model numčric de l'encadellat cerŕmic TEALSA 2000*250*60 mm   Referčncia:  
Id. GREC: 021583   Any: 2016   Autors: Cristina Vega-Garcia; Jorge Álcazar   Títol: Lilfelong Learning in Forestry: A short summary of trends in Spain   Referčncia: SILVA Publications 13: Should all Forestry students learn the same? Generalist versus Specialist approaches. Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, April 16th - April 18th, 2015  
Id. GREC: 021585   Any: 2016   Autors: Carolina G. de O. Griebeler, Gianluca Tondi, Thomas Schnabel and Carmen Iglesias   Títol: Effects of natural weathering on surface colour and cracking of thermally modified eucalyptus wood   Referčncia: Innovative production technologies and increased wood products recycling and reuse